Helmet Dry Suit

Helmet Dry Suit

Helmet dry suit with is made of natural rubber in Finland. The suits are tailored to meet the customer’s measurements and wishes. The helmet mounts are airtight and waterproof solutions and can be adapted to Divex AH, Miller and Kirby Morgan helmets.

Helmet Dry Suit is Included with

Dry gloves

Loitokari mitts are made of natural rubber in Finland and fixed into suit. Optional five-finger latex gloves.

A three-finger glove model is also available as an accessory.


Good quality suspenders are adjustable, soft, flexible and comfortable when using.

Fixed drying loops can be added as an extra, so the suit can be easily hung to dry and suspenders can rest.

knee reinforcements

The knee reinforcements offer additional protection to the suit and prevent the suit from breaking when moving in tight spaces or crawling on the bottom.

As an accessory, various reinforcements are available for both professional use and scooter users.


With a wide range of products, we are able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customer, so that the customer can get the products they need from one place at the same time. Products for dry suits can be found here…

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