Dry Hood

Dry Hood for Dry Suit

Dry hood is made of durable rubber and does not break easily. The hood is made according to the customer’s measurements, so it fits perfectly, like a glove. With the hood, you can use small and full face masks without worry.

The hood is part of the suit’s air volume, which makes it very comfortable and warm to wear, and the best feature is that you can start diving without neck seal.

Hood is Included the Dry Suit

For Dive Rite, Ursuit and Santi diving suits can also be purchased separately.

Unattached Hood 550,00€ incl. vat 24 %

Hood Tightener

Tightener is installed in the hood and is made of durable material and it is easy to use. The purpose of using the dry hood tightener is to tighten the hood and make the face opening tighter if the dry suit is used by more than one person.

Tightener is Only Available for a New Hood or a New Dry Suit 39,00€ incl. vat 24 %

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