Dry Suit Accessories

Dry Suit Accessories for Dry Suit

Accessories tailored to the dry suit guarantee their compatibility and a high-quality end result for the overall suit.

Dry Suit Pockets

The pockets of the dry suit are designed to withstand use and are easy to use with different gloves. Pockets are available in different sizes and, if necessary, we make the pockets according to the customer’s measurements, attached to the dry suit (ask for a quotation).

Pocket small 180mm width x 250mm depth x 30-60mm height (cone model)

Pocket large 180mm width x 250mm depth x 90mm height (mailbox model)

Pocket Installation 88,00€ incl. vat 24 % / pc

Dry Suit Drying Loops

Fixed drying loops can be added as an extra, so the suit can be easily hung to dry and suspenders can rest.

Dry Loops Installation 22,00€ incl. vat 24 %

Zipper Protection for Dry Suit

Zipper protection can only be installed on new dry suit or when the zipper is changed.

Zipper Protection Installation 44,00€ incl. vat 24 %

Pee Valve for Dry Suit

Installation of Pee Valve doesn’t include the Valve.

Pee Valve Installation 17,00€ incl. vat 24 %

Reflectors for Dry Suit

Reflectors are only available for a new dry suit. Reflectors are installed (Head, back, wrists and boots).

Reflectors Installation 74,00€ incl. vat 24 %

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